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Internship Program

Explore the dynamic realm of NuWave's Internship Program, where hands-on experience meets real-world learning. Join us to delve into exciting projects, unleash your creativity, and make a difference in your community. Our internships are more than just tasks; they're opportunities for growth, innovation, and personal development. Dive into NuWave for an internship that's not just a job, but a transformative journey towards a successful career.

Pathways to Discovery: Stories, Podcasts, and Impact

At NuWave, we thrive on diversity and individuality. We understand that your lived experiences and unique perspective bring a new dimension to our projects and initiatives. As a student or recent graduate, your education gives you an advantage in shaping the future of NuWave and collaborating with a team of talented individuals. Your voice matters, and we're excited to hear your story.

Joining NuWave isn't just about gaining experience—it's about making an impact. Your contributions, no matter how big or small, play a crucial role in our success. Whether you're sharing your insights during brainstorming sessions, crafting compelling marketing messages, or developing innovative podcast content, your perspective adds value to every aspect of our work. Together, we'll build something meaningful and create positive change in the world of media and marketing.

Our unique learning program covers everything from design thinking to podcast development, ensuring you gain real-world skills and engage with your community. Join our internship program to build connections, gain skills, and open doors to opportunities in media and marketing. It's a journey that'll shape your future and lead you towards a rewarding career.

Areas of Focus:

  • Project Management

  • Crafting Marketing Messages

  • Social Media Best Practices

  • Public Relations and Media Outreach

  • Event Planning

  • Copywriting

  • Podcast Development

  • Project Management

  • Fundraising

  • Module Development


The Transformative Power of Internships for Students

Internships are super important, especially when you're transitioning from high school to college or just trying to figure out your place in the world. Whether you're a high schooler or a college student, hanging out with people who are living their truth can teach you a lot about yourself and help you grow. Plus, internships are an awesome way to make connections and build your network. It's not just about learning new stuff—it's about figuring out what matters to you and where you want to go. Internships are like a roadmap on this adventure, showing you the way to find yourself and make a difference along the journey of growing up.


Attach a recent headshot that helps us put a face to your application. This photo should be clear, well-lit, and reflect your professional demeanor.

One-page statement

Share with us a one-page statement on why you believe in the importance of our mission at NuWave Community Media. Additionally, outline how this internship opportunity aligns with your personal and professional growth. This statement is your chance to showcase your passion, dedication, and aspirations.

Student or Recent Graduate

We're seeking individuals currently pursuing their education or those who have recently graduated from high school or college. This requirement ensures that applicants are in a phase where they can actively apply their academic knowledge to real-world scenarios and contribute fresh perspectives to our projects.

Communication & Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in our dynamic work environment. We're looking for individuals with a genuine passion for media-related fields, a creative mindset, and a desire to innovate. This requirement emphasizes enthusiasm for storytelling, content creation, and staying abreast of emerging trends in the media landscape.

Passion for Media, Creativity & Innovation

Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in our dynamic work environment. We're looking for individuals who can articulate ideas clearly, actively listen to others, and collaborate seamlessly with team members. These skills contribute to a positive and productive working atmosphere.

Eagerness to Learn & Contribute

Our internship is a two-way street; we want individuals who are enthusiastic about learning and growing within our organization. This requirement highlights the importance of a proactive attitude towards both acquiring new skills and actively contributing to projects that make a meaningful impact.

Commitment to the NuWave Mission & Values

We're looking for individuals who resonate with our mission and values, including a commitment to promoting digital literacy, supporting community initiatives, safety, and contributing to positive narratives through media. Alignment with our mission ensures a shared vision and dedication among team members.

Active Participation

While our internship operates on a remote and project-based model, active participation is essential for a successful experience. This requirement emphasizes the importance of availability in terms of time commitment and engagement. It ensures interns can fully immerse themselves in the program, attend sessions, and contribute effectively to ongoing projects.

Projects and Work Samples:

Showcase tangible examples of projects completed during the internship, such as marketing campaigns, reports, presentations, or design work.


Soft Skills

Develop essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving, which are highly valued by employers across industries.


Testimonials or Recommendations: Receive valuable feedback, recommendations, and LinkedIn reviews, enhancing your future career prospects. You can also secure references from supervisors and colleagues, boosting your credibility in the industry.


Emotional Well-being & Overall Wellness:

Opportunities to focus on your emotional well-being and overall wellness are available. This may include access to resources or workshops on stress management, work-life balance, mindfulness, or self-care practices, ensuring you feel supported in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing the demands of your internship experience.


Professional Network:

Internships provide opportunities to connect with professionals in the industry, mentors, and fellow interns, expanding their professional network and potential job opportunities.


Reflections and Insights:

Internships offer valuable insights into career paths, clarifying goals and interests. Personal reflections from the experience demonstrate self-awareness, critical thinking, and a commitment to growth.



Upon completion of the NuWave Internship, participants walk away with a rich portfolio of achievements, enhanced skills, and invaluable experience. These deliverables and capabilities not only attest to your impactful contributions but also provide a valuable toolkit for your ongoing professional journey.

Don't Miss the Wave: Dive into NuWave Internships Now!

Don't miss out on the chance to connect what you learn in class with real-world experience through the NuWave Internship! It's a great opportunity to mix what you know from school with the exciting NCM curriculum, making you stand out in the job market. And it's not just about learning – you'll also get to meet potential future employers, giving you an extra boost as you start your career.

Got questions about the Internship program? Just email us at amazing internship adventure is waiting for you!

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