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Being a podcast guest has become an increasingly effective way to share your experiences and stories while educating and entertaining.  It can also help build your personal or company brand. If you’re looking for opportunities to participate in podcasts as a guest or interviewee, you have come to the right place.

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Podcasting Recording Tips for Maximum Impact

  • Invest in Quality: Upgrade Your Setup with a USB Microphone or Headset.

  • Presentation Matters: Keep Your Space Tidy and Look Presentable by Default.

  • Assume the Visual: Always Act as if You're on Camera - Still Images May Capture the Moment.

  • Illuminate Faces: Ensure all Interviewees are Well-Lit and Visible to the Camera.

  • One Camera Per Guest: Each Person Should Have Their Own Camera and Recording Device for Distinct Visuals or Make Sure That the Microphone and Camera Can Be Shared Effectively.

  • Separate Spaces: Conduct Interviews in Separate Rooms to Enhance Individual Presence on Screen.

  • Distraction-Free Zone: Choose a Quiet Room with No Distractions for a Focused Interview.

  • Silence is Golden: Ensure No Email Dings, Silent Cell Phones, and Activate Do Not Disturb.

  • Acoustic Comfort: Opt for Rooms with Carpets, Sofas, and Curtains to Reduce Echoing.

  • Hydration Check: Keep a Glass of Water Handy to Stay Refreshed During Your Session.

  • Illuminate Your Presence: Prioritize Great Lighting for a Professional and Engaging Look.

  • Connectivity Matters: Ensure Strong WIFI or Phone Connection for Seamless Recording.

  • Punctuality is Key: Be On Time to Facilitate Sound Checks and Resolve Any Technical Glitches.

  • Vocal Dynamics: Use Inflection in Your Voice to Keep Listeners Engaged—Avoid Monotony.

  • Spread the Excitement: Actively Promote Your Episode to Boost Overall Engagement.

Things to remember...

We suggest that potential guests listen to the podcast they want to be on before applying. Take the time to listen to at least two or three of the latest episodes. This helps you get familiar with the podcast's style, tone, and the host's way of doing things. Pay attention to the types of questions asked and how long the interviews usually last. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when you're a guest on the show.

For Those Undecided...

Ask yourself-

  • Do you have an interesting experience or story to share?  

  • Have you done something in life that is exciting, scary or inspiring?  

  • Have you learned valuable lessons from bad or difficult experiences?

  • Are you just plain entertaining with your unique character?

If so, you definitely have something to share with the world and we would like to know more about your story. ​ To begin the process please email us at: and we will reach out to you with some questions and more details on the next steps.

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