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Digital Sanity Podcast

Category: Technology & Innovation

Tech got you feeling like a squirrel in a tree? Climb down and experience The Digital Sanity Podcast, where we untangle webs of confusion and shed light on the latest trends, issues, and breakthroughs shaping our online world. Get ready for deep dives, thought-provoking convos, and inspirational stories that'll leave you feeling grounded and informed. Ready to amplify your knowledge, ignite your creativity, and join our community in crafting a brighter, safer, and truly connected future? Great. Enjoy the podcast!

Our Creative Team.

Meet the brilliant minds of our Creative Team, the guardians of the Digital Sanity Podcast. They're the spirited trailblazers, the magicians behind the screen, here to guide and uplift our digital journey without losing our minds. With their inventive flair and unwavering dedication, they weave magic into every episode, illuminating listeners' paths with ways to keep our creativity and sanity intact.


Jenn Ward

Jenn’s vibrant spirit has been lighting up audiences since the age of four when she first dazzled theatregoers alongside her parents. Her love affair with the wonder and magic of stories has only deepened over time.  For this multitalented writer, researcher, and speaker, stepping into the world of the NuWave podcast isn’t just another venture — it’s a calling she wholeheartedly embraces. Her knack for weaving engaging tales aligns seamlessly with her passion for sparking meaningful conversations. Jenn believes fervently in the incredible power stories hold, coupled with the vital importance of digital literacy and mental health awareness. Jenn brings to the show her extensive behind-the-scenes experience as a branding creative for top tech companies — think Apple and Intel. Familiar with talking toys? Listen carefully, and you may recognize her voice. Hold on tight for an exhilarating ride with Jenn as she bring listeners together from every corner of the globe. Each episode promises to captivate, connect, and leave you eagerly anticipating the next.

Assistant Producer


Meet Brandy, an Atlanta-based social media manager for a cable news organization and streaming service. She’s an honorary Georgia peach by way of Kansas City, Missouri. With a Bachelor's in Journalism from Georgia State University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School, she's honed her craft through a diverse career journey.   From writing obituaries for a major metro newspaper, to dishing celebrity scandals for a gossip blog, to reporting for a Catholic news wire service, and to crafting a broad range of marketing communications, her pen knows no bounds.   Off-duty, Brandy is a wife, a new plant mom, a foodie, and an aspiring world traveler. True crime documentaries and impromptu karaoke sessions are her guilty pleasures, but she'll drop everything for a good food truck.   Professional prowess and eclectic interests aside, Brandy's heart lies in giving back. As an advocate for gender, racial, and sexual equality, she's always ready to roll up her sleeves for social justice causes and community service.   Whether crafting captivating content or belting out tunes (badly), Brandy brings passion, kindness and positivity to everything she does, and hopes that these qualities will have lasting impact — both online and off.

Marketing Intern

Nakshatra Sakhamuri

Meet Nakshatra Sakhamuri, a high school freshman whose vibrant energy radiates beyond the classroom. When she's not hitting the books, you'll likely find Nakshatra dancing passionately, spiking volleyballs on the court, or unwinding with a captivating movie. But Nakshatra's aspirations reach far beyond her extracurricular activities. With dreams of attending renowned universities like UCLA, USC, and NYU, she's driven by a profound desire to make a difference. Through her internship experiences, she hopes to reshape the dialogue surrounding mental health among her peers, fostering a culture of support where seeking help is encouraged and celebrated. Now, picture Nakshatra stranded on a digital desert island with only one online lifeline. Without hesitation, she'd turn to Instagram Reels for boundless entertainment options and much-needed escapism. With its endless stream of humor and distraction, Instagram Reels provides Nakshatra with a brief respite from life's challenges, offering a moment of levity in an otherwise hectic world.

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