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Beatz Community Voices Podcast

Category: Art &Culture

Step into the vibrant world of Beatz Community Voices (BCV), where every beat tells a story and every voice finds its rhythm. Join us on a journey through music, poetry, and prose, as we celebrate diversity, creativity, and the power of individual expression. Whether you're an emerging artist or an avid listener, our podcast is your platform to share and explore the boundless depths of human experience. Welcome to the heart of creativity—welcome to Beatz.


Beatz Community Voices is an environment in which your creativity is nurtured. It is a safe place in which people can experience a sense of community while appreciating a wide variety of artistic work. In this podcast we get to explore and understand people's lives through music, poems, and short stories while hearing different types of writing, melodies, genres, and styles. We are always seeking to support new and emerging voices and to give others a platform to express their individuality while showcasing their work. Do you have something creative that you can share with the Beatz community?  Then feel free to let us know about it below. Hosted by Imani Hudson

Our Creative Team.

Meet the awesome crew from our Creative Team, the ones who make Beatz Community Voices podcast happen. They're like the cool wizards of sound, keeping our beats flowing smoothly and our vibes positive. With their awesome ideas and hard work, every episode becomes a musical journey that keeps us feeling good and sane. 


Imani Hudson

​Hi Everyone! I am a lawyer, artist, mindfulness advocate, writer and “breath of fresh air from tha’ South.” For as long as I can remember, music, art, and literature have always provided me with comfort and inspiration. As a child, my home was filled with sounds of jazz, r&b, classical, and soul music. I traveled to London, Paris, and Versaille to sing Motown hits with my elementary school choir. I learned how to read music and play the piano and saxophone. I read books and poems to transport me to places unknown. I doodled in the margins of my school notes (during high school, college, and law school) because the tantalizing swirls and patterns helped me focus on the instructions. Creating and appreciating others' creativity has always felt like second nature. That is why I am so thrilled to build a community of passionate musicians, artists and creatives, and share their voices and work with the world. We create our art because something within us compels us. When we share our art, we have the power to ignite a fire within others and inspire them in unimaginable ways. I hope you join us on this journey and discover just what you need–whatever that may be–along the way.

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Marketing Intern

Nakshatra Sakhamuri

Meet Nakshatra Sakhamuri, a high school freshman whose vibrant energy extends beyond the classroom. When she's not hitting the books, you'll likely find Nakshatra passionately dancing, spiking volleyballs on the court, or unwinding with a captivating movie. But Nakshatra's aspirations reach far beyond her extracurricular activities. With dreams of attending renowned universities like UCLA, USC, and NYU, she's driven by a profound desire to make a difference. Through her internship experiences, she hopes to reshape the dialogue surrounding mental health among her peers, fostering a supportive environment where seeking help is encouraged and celebrated. Now, picture Nakshatra stranded on a digital desert island with only one online lifeline. Without hesitation, she'd turn to Instagram Reels for its boundless entertainment and much-needed escapism. With its endless stream of humor and distraction, Instagram Reels provides Nakshatra with a brief respite from life's challenges, offering a moment of levity in an otherwise hectic world.

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