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Mixed by Gen Z

Category: Culture

Mixed by Gen Z is a podcast that brings people together through shared experiences.  The host gives his opinion on various topics while also capturing people's experiences that help listeners navigate the world as a Biracial person.  Since the podcast's inception, the goal was to provide a safe space and bring communities together, providing Gen Z an outlet in expressing their thoughts, having difficult conversations, and where others can connect with parts of their identity.


Hosted by Rahul Yates

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Rahul Yates, I am 18 years old from Los Angeles, California, and I am the host of the Mixed by Gen Z Podcast. Growing up as a multiracial and multicultural individual, I never understood where I belonged. It was difficult finding the middle ground between my white and Indian backgrounds, and I often tried to be just Indian because I did not know how to embrace both.


As I entered my teenage years, after much self-reflection, I grew more comfortable with my identity and sought out opportunities to discuss it with others. Disappointed that I could not find a space dedicated to teenagers like me, I decided to create my own platform, HumSub GlobalTEEN.


Over the past three years, HumSub GlobalTEEN has reached thousands of individuals and has covered every aspect of multiracial identity and multiculturalism, from frequent questions we face to multicultural cities to famous multiracial individuals.


Now, I am excited to be expanding my engagement within this community and beyond as I launch this podcast. My goal is to continue providing a voice for Gen Z multiracial and multicultural individuals through my own “takes” on subjects as well as through interviews with pioneering thought leaders. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me!


Make sure to follow Mixed by Gen Z on all social media platforms, as well as our parent organization, NuWave Community Media. 

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I'm always looking for guests and new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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