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Hijas, Madres, Y Amigas

Category: Parenting

We are two bay area mujeres who went from questioning our potential to connecting and empowering each other.

Realizing that we had a real organic friendship where we could seek each other to get real answers and advice. We decided that a space like Hijas Madres y Amigas was necessary. We welcome people of all walks of life to be able to share their unique stories. We will share personal life goals, parenting failures & successes.


Come discover your own journey, as you stand in solidarity with us and get connected to your inner self, get motivated and begin to make conscious decisions that impact your lifestyle.


Let's build a community of unstoppable, powerful women. We want you to take what you need from this podcast. Whether it's a friend, a resource, a new technique, a new person to follow on Instagram, or just a moment of Zen for yourself. 


You can find us on apple podcast, Spotify & iHeart Radio, every other week. Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook at Hijas Madres Y Amigas and be sure to send us questions, comments, and suggestions. 

Meet the Team

Hola Gente!  We're the powerhouse women behind the Hijas, Madres y Amigas Podcast. We're a diverse group of passionate individuals coming together to bring you content that blends the informative with the enjoyable. Get to know us better through our bios below.


I'm always looking for guests and new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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