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Things to remember...

We suggest for potential guests to first listen to the podcast you are interested in being on before submitting you guest application. Listen to at least two or three most recent episodes to get a sense of the podcast format, the tone, how the host operates, the type of questions they ask, and how long the interview can be to give you an idea of what your experience may be.

Ways to prepare for recording day.
  • Keep your answers concise. 

  • Invest in a good USB microphone or headset.

  • Tidy up your room and look presentable unless stated otherwise.

    • Always assume that video is being captured or that the host may want to capture a still image of your episode experience.

  • Choose a room with no distractions.

    • Conduct your interview in a quiet room.

    • Make sure your emails don’t ding, your cell phone is on silent and you set your phone to do not disturb. 

    • Look for a room with carpets, sofas and curtains which can help reduce echoing.

  • Have a glass of water.

    • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. 

  • Have great lighting.

  • Make sure to have great WIFI or phone connection.

  • Be on time.

    • This will help on doing a sound check and work out any issues before recording.

  • Use inflection in your voice.

    • Avoid being monotone. Remember that podcasts are ultimately a form of entertainment.

  • Promote the episode.

    • Hosts count on you to help bring excitement to your episode.

Being a podcast guest has become an increasingly effective way to share your experiences and stories while educating and entertaining.  It can also help build your personal or company brand. If you’re looking for opportunities to participate in podcasts as a guest or interviewee, you have come to the right place.


For those who are undecided, unsure, and questioning if they you ready to be a guest, ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an interesting experience or story to share? 

  2. Have you done something in life that is exciting, scary or inspiring? 

  3. Have you learned valuable lessons from bad or difficult experiences?

  4. Do you have a new lesson to share that will create value for the community?


If so, you definitely have something to share with the world and we would like to know more about your story.

To begin the process please click below and someone will reach out to you shortly.

Have questions? Please email us at:

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