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Part of NuWave's funding relies on donations from people like you and me. With your help, we are tackling four major programs in 2022.


We invite you to donate at a level that is meaningful to you.

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In advance, Thank You.

NuWave Community Media is the premier institution serving nonprofits, small businesses, organizations, and students exploring innovative ways to build and promote their personal brands and deliver their point of view through understanding current technology, new media, and marketing strategies.


Student Program: Students learn about the logistics of today’s media and the best practices. Students develop media production expertise, aesthetic sensitivity, and the ability to construct a project from beginning to end.


Adult Advancement Program: The program provides students and community members with a foundation in communication and marketing, with an emphasis on media, new media principles, and tools. It is designed to introduce best practices and ethics of communicating in the digital space.    


Internship & Volunteer Program: Students learn to support the organization and to have a strong social media presence by creating and maintaining a strong personal brand. They will learn to apply new technologies, prioritizing reporting trusted information while being authentic, human, and compassionate online.


As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, NuWave Community Media relies upon the generosity of individual donors to sustain and grow our programs. There are various ways you can financially contribute to the NuWave Media Network, and they all meaningfully impact our work.  

Donate Today! And help the community thrive by making a tax-deductible donation.

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