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Team Meeting

Non-Profits & Entrepreneurs

We offer coaching and support to small business owners. Our approach is to examine past efforts, current marketing activities, and areas of opportunity. We can give you recommendations and provide education on ways to utilize tools, analytics, and other technologies that give you a greater reach.

We also facilitate other ways to connect with your constituents on a personal level. This can be by applying traditional media or new media to current efforts. This can be done by effectively using social media platforms, review sites, or podcasting platforms.


In podcasting, from conception to execution, together we plan and choose your style, format, and tone and continue production by applying:

  • Effective podcast & Episode Titles

  • Uploading and Publishing

  • Podcast Syndication

  • Podcast Analytics

  • Interviewing

  • Choosing a strong call to action

  • Creating your official trailer

  • Introduction and Closing 

  • Recording & Editing

  • Pre and Post Production

  • Social Media Marketing

By fusing our principles to your efforts, reporting ethically, and deliberately providing accurate, fair, and thorough information you will be supporting NuWave initiatives and continue to be a trusted source and resource.


 Podcasts we support may also qualify to be placed as part of the NuWave lineup. This gives your programs more exposure, and greater reach while also giving student interns and volunteers access to hands-on training and career development by helping to spread your voice and message.

If you would like to get more information, please fill out our intake form below.

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